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The UC Botanical Garden is an oasis of plant life on 34 acres in Strawberry Canyon above the University of California campus in Berkeley. Originally started in 1890 in a more central location in campus, the garden moved to its present, hillier perch in the 1920's.

Each of the sections in the garden dedicated to plant life from various areas of the world are joined and bisected by various trails and paths that meander in all directions. Don't be surprised if you happen to get lost once or twice.

The main loop around the core of the garden is paved. Though a bit steep in some places, this main path is easy enough for almost anyone to navigate and is thus partly accessible. Smaller feeder paths into the heart of the plant colonies are a mix of pavement and more natural surfaces.

The terrain tends to rise as you venture towards the back of the property, away from the entrance gate. Here you'll find a few spots with a breathtaking view of Berkeley below and San Francisco Bay. Because of the steep canyon walls on either side of the garden the hills surrounding the area provide impressive framing for the views below.

There is a fee to get into the gardens. The garden grants free admission to members of other garden clubs that are part of the American Horticultural Society. At times, the entrance fee is waived for all, such as Cal Day in April and the first Wednesday of each month.

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