Sugarloaf Ridge State Park Photos

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An elaborate cairn erected in the creek bed. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Seasonal Waterfall
The main feature of this hikes is the waterfall that merely goes by the name "Seasonal Waterfall" on official maps. Note the visitor above the falls for a sense of scale. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
Most of the Canyon Trail is heavily forested with steep descents or ascents. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Smaller falls
Even some of the smaller water falls on the hike were a nice feature to find along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
More verdant
As we got nearer to our trailhead even Lower Bald Mountain Trail got greener and left us with high hopes for a full recovery of the park from the fire. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lower Bald Mountain Trail
Lower Bald Mountain Trail was heavily hit by the fire, particularly near the junction with Bald Mountain Trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The blue lupine remind us of Texas Bluebonnets, which also bloom at this time of year. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The wildflowers were out in force and might have been even more impressive in a week or so. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Napa Valley
Napa Valley as seen from the top of Bald Mountain. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Valley
Sonoma Valley as seen from the top of Bald Mountain. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back
Looking back down Gray Pine Trail, from a distance it's sometimes hard to tell which areas burned and which didn't. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Near the top
Near the peak of Bald Mountain things look more verdant with plenty of fresh grasses and wildflowers coating the slopes. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Fire Break
On the upper reaches of Gray Pine Trail one can see signs of burned vegetation and plenty of knocked over trees that were part of a fire line carved into the terrain. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A view along the trail showing the crazy patchwork of vegetation with a mixture of burned, unburned and rejuvenated sections. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Burned area
The hike offered an opportunity to view the damage to the park such as this burned area. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Part of the group make their way up a steep section of trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Heading back
The group got strung out again the trail on the way back. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Red Hill
The view from Red Hill again. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Red Hill View
The view from atop Red Hill. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Almost there
The group nears the top of Red Hill, and lunch. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Big Leaf Maple
The group passes by an imposing dead Big Leaf Maple tree. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Red Hill
The group nears Red Hill, our picturesque lunch spot. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Uphill Climb
Despite following a ridge, the trail involved some steep sections. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Ridge Walking
Hiking along the ridge towards the Grandmother Tree. (Photo by Austin Explorer)