Sugarloaf Ridge State Park Photos

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Red Hill
The group nears Red Hill, our picturesque lunch spot. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Uphill Climb
Despite following a ridge, the trail involved some steep sections. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Ridge Walking
Hiking along the ridge towards the Grandmother Tree. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Valley View
Looking into the valley along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Spread Out
Over time and when coming up to steeper sections, the group tended to spread out along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The group working its way toward the Grandmother Tree. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Santa Rosa Creek
Santa Rosa Creek (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Crossing Santa Rosa Creek
The group was able to cross Santa Rosa Creek without too much difficulty. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The front of our hiking group heading through Hood Mountain Regional Park on the way to Sugarloaf Ridge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Gray Pine
Descending back to the trailhead via Gray Pine Trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Napa Valley
Looking down into Napa Valley from the top of Bald Mountain. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Valley
From the top of Bald Mountain one can easily see two of California's most celebrated wine regions. Here's Sonoma Valley. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The Summit
Coppertone at the top of Bald Mountain. The wind at the top soon drove us to put our gloves back on. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Creek Valley
From the Indian Rock spot one can look up and down the valley that form the headwaters of Sonoma Creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Vista View
A view of the valley below from Indian Rock. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Towards Indian Rock
The guided group following the trail that snakes along the hillside towards our turnaround point, a wonderful promontory I thought was called Indian Rock. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Vista Trail
Our guided group fords a small stream crossing on the way to our intended scenic view. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Bald Mountain Trail
Looking back down Bald Mountain Trail. Most of this trail to the summit is paved. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Tree Cover
There's not too much tree cover on the way up Bald Mountain, but we did get some. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lower Bald Mountain Trail
Heading up hill on Lower Bald Mountain Trail, not too far from the park observatory. (Photo by Austin Explorer)